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Script to Easily Cel-shade Everything in Poser Scene

February 20, 2015

Today, I finally got around to writing a python script for Poser that will allow you to easily cel-shade everything in a scene via LLAnime.  I posted previously about the merits of Bagginsbill’s LLToon as a cel-shader, and later about my LLAnime material that defaulted his settings to what you want if you are going […]

Bijin Jigoku in China

Bijin Jigoku in China

February 19, 2015

Not everything in this scene is cel-shaded, because I did not have time to go through every bit, however, I think it still looks good.  Also, even though the wall in the background looks to not be cel-shaded, it actually is.  Its just that the map is so photorealistic that the cel-shading does not stop […]


Cel-shaded 3D Anime Artist: cat ningen

December 4, 2014

Just found this artist on Google+.  He has some impressive cel-shaded renders of anime characters such as Hatsune Miku and one of the characters from K-ON.  Don’t know if he is making his own models or not, but his stuff is definitely worth checking out. https://plus.google.com/u/0/+catningen/posts

AnimeDoll Blue Dress in Grass Cel-shaded

Anime Version of LLToon Material Shader for Poser

February 28, 2014

Hey, I have tweaked the settings of LLToon to what I consider close to optimal for anime.  The skin tone is for a light skinned character, but that can be adjusted.  The other settings are what make it right for producing an anime look.  I have put the PM:Shadow Multiple to 0.6, so that the […]

BelBel Portrait Cell-shaded

New Free Toon Shader for Poser: LLToon

February 23, 2014

Good news for those of you that are not satisfied with Poser’s built in toon shading node. Poser contributor Bagginsbill (at least that is his username over at Rendorosity) has created a toon shader that he calls LLToon, and is making it available at no charge. LLToon improves upon the standard Toon shading node by […]

Liutennant Portrait

Simple Anime Light Set for Poser

February 22, 2014

I have developed a very simple anime light set for Poser to achieve desirable effects when cel shading anime. Typically, anime cel shading puts the same tone across all of the skin, except for a darker toned edge, close to the outline. This edge is usually very thin and all the way around the character, […]

AnimeDoll Blue Dress in Grass Cel-shaded

3D Anime Render Technique Comparison

October 14, 2011

When attempting to create 3D renders that mimic the artistic style that is so typical in Japanese anime, there are many choices to make.  The primary choice is whether to go the photorealistic path or the cel-shaded path, but this not as simple of a choice as it sounds.  There are many options available for cel-shading as well as how you can combine cel-shading and photorealism.  I have created some comparison renders in Carrara 8 using Toon! Pro, a popular cel-shading plugin.  These renders demonstrate four different ways to render the same scene, each having its own appeal and being a viable option:

BelBel Demo

Different Types of 3d Anime Eyes

January 27, 2011

There are basically two different ways of making eyes for 3d anime figures. One way is to model a true spherical 3d eye like you would have on any other 3d character, but just attempt to shape and style it like an eye you would find in anime. The other way is to have a mostly flat surface on the face in an attempt to more closely simulate the 2D stylization of an eye that is so common in anime. Some figures have used one of these methods and some the other. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. I will attempt to compare and contrast the approaches and how to deal with the disparity.

Hitoro Face Examples

CDI Kioki and Hitoro

January 27, 2011

If you use Aiko 3 and Hiro 3, CDI’s Kioki and Hitoro are must-have products. Kioki and Hitoro are morph packs for Aiko 3 and Hiro 3 respectively. Each pack contains many individually injectable new morphs for the corresponding figure, both body and head. Even though they are individually injectable, there are batch injections included as well, so that you can inject all of the head or body morphs at once. Also included are a huge array of presets that take advantage of these new morphs.


Aiko Extra Long Blue Anime Hair Japanese Sit

Designing Dynamic Hair for Simulations

January 27, 2011

When you are designing your dynamic hair, you need to put special consideration in if you want to drape it or run physics simulations on it. If you just plan on positioning the guide hairs where you want them manually and letting the hair remain static then things are relatively simple because you have a great amount of control. Once, you start running simulations, however, you are loosing control over where the hairs will go to some extent. Therefore, you must set up your hair in such a way as it will behave the way you want when you run that simulation.

The first thing to keep in mind is the placement of your guide hairs. You must place guide hairs all along the edges of your growth region to ensure that anything the hair drapes over will collide with the guide hair before passing through any generated hairs. My previous article on this subject covered the topic, so I will not repeat it all here. The previous article also talked about the