Hey, I have tweaked the settings of LLToon to what I consider close to optimal for anime.  The skin tone is for a light skinned character, but that can be adjusted.  The other settings are what make it right for producing an anime look.  I have put the PM:Shadow Multiple to 0.6, so that the darker tone is not too dark.  I set PM:Toony to 1, to remove any trace of 3D apart from the cel-shading.  I set the PM:Toon Midpoint to 0.4 to keep there from being too much of the darker edge tone.  I tried setting PM:Toon Spread to 0, but got jaggies, so I set it to 0.1 instead.  This gives a much more smooth transition between the light and dark tones.  Also, PM:Line Spread is 0.1.

The value that is most questionable is PM:Line Threshold.  I have it set to 0.7, but it is becoming clear to me that this value needs to be adjusted per body part.  I plan to tweak out a carefully adjusted material set for Aiko 3 and Hiro 3, so that you don’t have to adjust each material zone each time.

For now, however, enjoy my generic, simple material, and thanks again to Bagginsbill over at Renderosity for LLToon!

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