Good news for those of you that are not satisfied with Poser’s built in toon shading node. Poser contributor Bagginsbill (at least that is his username over at Rendorosity) has created a toon shader that he calls LLToon, and is making it available at no charge. LLToon improves upon the standard Toon shading node by adding some much needed parameters. When you view the shader, you will see it is comprised of a great many nodes, but he has organized the ones that are intended for adjustment vertically along the left side of the Advanced tab of the shader window in the Material room. After you apply the shader, you will see.

The first parameter he has added is called PM:Toony. This controls how cartoonish the shading will look. If you crank this all the way to 1, then you will get total toon/cel shading, with no remnant of 3D shading. If, however, you turn this down to a fraction, then you will get some interesting effects between a totally 2D look and a photorealistic render. Even though I’m usually all about replicating that anime look, this can produces some really nice looking results, so its worth looking into.

The next parameter he has added is PM:Toon Midpoint. This is the one that I think is essential, and drove me to create my own toon shader. Yes, I did create my own, but after Bagginsbill showed me what he had done, I decided his was doing all that mine was plus more, so I never released mine. This PM:Toon Midpoint parameter is what defines the point at which the darker (or shadow) tone starts. You cannot control this with the standard toon shader in Poser. It just calculates what the normal 3D diffuse channel color would be at each point then uses the lighter color if it is above 50% intensity and the darker color if it is below. The problem with this is that when you make the scene darker, rather than everything just getting darker, the portion of the characters shading grows, until it takes completely over at some point, if it scene is dark enough. If that happens, then you have a completely flat character, which is not what we are going for in anime. When we turn down the lights, we want the character to retain two tones and for the darker tone to be only around the edges of the character. Adjusting the PM:Toon Midpoint parameter allows us to retain two tones in any level of light, and control how much area the darker tone takes up. There are still color adjustment issues to deal with for the darker scene, but that is still up to you to adjust. The point is that it is possible with this shader, whereas it is not with the standard toon shader.

If you know who Bagginsbill is, you probably also know about VSS, the Versatile Shader System. I won’t explain that in this post, but I will mention that LLToon is already set up to work with VSS and it is a very handy little tool.

As of now, 3D Anime Studio is the only site hosting LLToon. You can find it on our shader resources page or you can just follow the link below:

Download LLToon Toon Shader by Bagginsbill