These are rigged models in the Poser format that can be used with Poser, DAZ Studio, Carrara, or any application that supports the Poser character format. It is important to understand that these base models can form an almost unlimited number of characters. This is possible by morphing the character to change its shape, changing the materials/texture of the character, and changing the hair that is used on the character. It is the combination of this flexibility, ease of use, and modularity that makes Poser format characters so powerful.

The preview pictures of the characters below show the base model with no morphs, no hair, and minimal texture to provide the most useful reference possible for the real differences between the models.

Aiko 3 Demo

Aiko 3

The #1 most popular 3D anime Poser character. Aiko 3.0 is versatile, and free!

Created by DAZ 3D, there are tons of morphs, textures, clothes, hair, accessories, and pose presets for Aiko 3.

Hiro 3 Demo

Hiro 3

Hiro 3 is the male counterpart to Aiko 3. Their structure is so identical that poses mostly work for them interchangeably.

Sadly, there is not as much content for Hiro 3 as Aiko 3, especially when it comes to hair, but there is still enough to work with.

BelBel Demo


BelBel is actually just Aiko 3 with a different head, but as you can see, the difference is significant. It actually uses a fairly different approach to anime eyes than Aiko 3. The eyes on Aiko 3 are actually spherical, like real eyeballs. The eyes on BelBel are very flat and basically painted on with a texture map, although you can still move and morph the eyes in certain ways. This approach produces a more cartoon-like appearance than what you get with Aiko 3 and can be an advantage when cel shading.

Almost all of the content for Aiko 3 will also work with BelBel, so adding this character to your library is almost a no-brainer.

NearMe Demo


NearMe is the most popular 3D anime model for children. It has a classic anime style and can be used as either a girl or a boy. NearMe uses the flat approach to the eyes, making it look more cartoon-like, which can be an advantage to cel shading.


Created by Maya X of Studio Maya, AnimeDoll is the Anime version of the realistic female figure, MayaDoll. Maya seems to have created AnimeDoll with cel-shading in mind. The AnimeDollKit that you must buy to get the figure comes with a fantastically flexible mix-and-match hair prop that works wonderfully with a toon render. This is definitely a must-have set. Unfortunately, there is not nearly as much content that exists for AnimeDoll as there is for Aiko. Fortunately, however, Aiko’s Poses mostly work with AnimeDoll.

AD Boy

Also created by Maya X of Studio Maya, AD Boy is the male version of AnimeDoll, and thus shares the advantages and disadvantages of AnimeDoll. AD Body has a very well styled head and is very good for cel-shaded renders, but like AnimeDoll the amount of content developed for AD Boy is much more limited than Hiro. Also, like AnimeDoll, Hiro’s poses will mostly work for AD Boy. One extra nice thing about AD Boy is that he is absolutely free! Thanks, Maya!