This is a list of plug-ins, extensions, and shaders for popular 3D software packages that will help with producing 3D anime.



A free toon shader created by Poser contributor Bagginsbill over at Renderosity.  It adds some parameters that the standard toon shader does not have.  Also, it is ready to work with his Versatile Shading System (VSS).  This is the most versatile toon shader I have found for Poser so far.


This is the LLToon material described above, but with the defaults dialed in to replicate the look of anime shading.  There is also a must-have script called LLAnimeAll, which will allow you to easily apply this material to everything in your scene, preserving the original Diffuse and Specular channels as inputs/settings for the anime shader.

jwToon Shaders

These are free shaders for Poser. These have been built to be especially friendly to artists who are using toon shaded renders as a Flat layer for comic illustration. That means that the results right out of the render might not always look great, but if used correctly, they will provide a good base for painting.

Mikachan’s Toon Shaders

Even though Poser comes with a default material setting for toon shading, it is possible to get a better cel shaded anime effect than the default will produce. Mikachan’s Toon Shaders will show more of your model’s detail, plus provide crisp, bright cel shading. Also, highlights are provided for shiny surfaces. Hair looks great!



Yet Another Toon Shader. The name may be humble, but it is in fact the essential free toon shader for Carrara. After installation, YAToon provides a new lighting model in your material definitions with adjustable parameters. It is perfect for producing cel shaded anime.

Toon! Pro

A toon shader, cel shader, and line renderer plug-in for Carrara from the folks at Digital Carvers Guild. This plug-in boasts high quality anti-aliased lines, powerful cel shading, and the ability to combine cel with traditional and even GI rendering.

DAZ Studio

Default DAZ|Studio 3 Shader Presets

With a name like “Default Shader Presets,” you would think that this would come packaged with the software distribution, or at least not add any functionality, but in fact neither is true. This add-on is not only a set of presets, but also adds new surface properties. These alternative shaders are important, especially because the toon shaders that are included are more flexible than simply using the “Cartoon” Render Style on the Render tab. This is the version of the shader presets that work with DAZ|Studio 3. Version 3 changed the scripting in DAZ|Studio in such a way that the old scripts and shader presets do not work. The shader presets for the older versions of DAZ|Studio can be found here at DAZ 3D. For more information on the shader presets, see my article on the subject.


This surface shader for DAZ Studio enables you to render cartoons, comic strips, cel shaded anime, and more. It is a time tested toon shading product.

JLG Shaders

This set of free shaders for DAZ Studio includes a toon shader.