I have just updated LLAnimeAll, the script that I wrote to cel shade everything in the scene by applying LLAnime to every material while retaining any image map textures.  This update fixes a major bug that would mess up the material for any object that already had LLAnime applied to it.

There are still some issues.  In a complex scene that I am testing with, I am intermittently having a problem where it does not finish mapping the all of the shader nodes, thus turning everything white.  If that happens to you, please let me know, because I am trying to figure that one out.  Also, in that scene, some of the transparency does not look right, but in other scenes, it seems to be fine.

Please check out the update and let me know how it works for you!

Also, I have created a Runtime ZIP for you that contains both the script and the LLAnime material, so that you don’t have to worry about installing things in the right place: